This is an attempt to document my life and everything in between. I am a growing person and follower of God. I hope to never alienate people because of how I have read scripture, and I know that I will never get it all right. This is my attempt to work through things and let others help and work alongside me. I hope you enjoy.

Oh and about the name. I originally had a blog called the gentle left hand curve. I dropped gentle, but the idea is the same. Here is my original explanation, sorry for the poor writing style.

“Perhaps since the name Gentle Left Hand Curve is not self-explanatory I shall explain it for you. One day a friend and myself were driving home from school, musing over some interesting band names. He was coming up with some that sounded all artsy and cool, like Ethreal Heights. I was thinking perhaps if it was a hardcore band it could be called, Suicidal Moths. Needless to say I came to the conclusion that a lot of bands name themselves after innocuos objects, like The Byrds, or The Doors, even The Cars. So I decided the next object I saw would be the name for my fictional band, and low and behold it was a road sign for a Gentle Left Hand Curve. Due to my lack of musical abilities and outright ignorance for rhythm and timing I have decided to use it as my title for my new blog. Thank you for reading this.”

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