Let it Out

It’s been a terrible fall. I can’t sugar coat it, or pretend otherwise. Personally and as a member of community I have had to deal with a lot of tough things. I have been asked if I’m alright more times than I can count. I was definitely handled with kid gloves when my grandfather passed away. People extended me a lot of grace and were just so … kind. Most recently, as a member of the Tyndale University College and Seminary community, I have again had to deal with grief and the passing of a student who took his own life. It seems that the pain will never end, that the smiles are just so far away.

And yet. We persist. We move on, we laugh again.

I have really come to understand recently just how important it is to have people around you. People you can talk to and spill everything. I have always been a big fan of community, I have always had good friends. But now, I see why it’s so important. Why we need each other. Why we were created not as solitary beings, but as people who yearn for love and friendship. I have seen what happens to you when you don’t surround yourself with people who genuinely care about your well-being. You think you can take care of it, that you’re strong enough, that you’ll be able to work through it. But the truth is you can’t.

You just can’t.

If I didn’t have friends to call and listen to me cry and vent and laugh and everything in between, I may have lost my sanity this year. Fall 2013 will not be a season of my life that I look back fondly on. But it will be a time that I thank God that I didn’t turn inward, but rather that I let it out. If you’re struggling, if you’re hurting… please find someone. Find them and talk to them, trust them and share with them. We need each other more than we care to admit.

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