Peace in Our Time

On the brink of war a leader of men proclaimed “Peace in our time”. His delusion was grand and his promise of hope quickly lost. Our world and our people have the persistent ability to hate and fight with one another. We struggle to live rightly with one another, because we struggle to live rightly with ourselves. The human condition is broken from the outset, some might call it sin, others call it flaws, but we claw and clamour for what isn’t ours, we give into that basest of our inner sicknesses. We have but “three score and ten” to get it right, and yet it seems we stir and twist in the wind pushing forward our selfish ambition to have more, to be more, to raise ourselves up above the muck and mire. Ours is but a short time to be the best and to have the most, we reason with error. But when looked at from a distant perspective, this “pale blue dot” we all reside on is just a speck of dust in a grand ocean of space. On this blue and green marble hanging in air, where sinners and saints alike have lived and died when can we proclaim without sense of tragic irony “peace in our time.”? Maybe for the briefest of moments, when soldiers lay down arms to celebrate holy days, or when the world for a moment mourns with itself the tragedy of natural disaster. We can celebrate the lives of well lived people, but even they would be the first to remind us they were far from perfect. But even in these smallest of respites, these fractions of time where hope is but a glimpse in a foggy mirror, we know that the moment is fleeting. We know that war looms and hate is just under the surface. Dream with me of a time when men will be more than men, and women more than women. Dream with me of a time when we all look not only to the needs of ourselves, but the needs of others. Maybe there is a way to this day and maybe there is a guide. If there was someone who showed us how to look at ourselves from a universal perspective. Who told us that we were made for so much more than this, that when we consider this celestial orb we see ourselves from a vantage point like no other. Who reminds us that we only have each other, and should we choose to hurt rather than love, endanger rather than protect, harm rather than save; we only destroy that which we fleetingly have, our humanity.  Maybe if we lived like this guide we could turn and with one voice say, “peace in our time.”

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