My Grandpa

This week saw the passing of my Grandfather. A man I greatly respected and admired. I made the remark at his funeral that he was the undisputed patriarch of the family, he lead us all, and he lead with grace. Grandpa knew how to make each of us feel special, unique and important. None of us lacked for affection from him. I will miss him.

Every now and then you have great people in your life, and every now and then you lose those great people. I rejoice knowing he lived a good and consistent life. He put God first, then his family, and finally his business. He never seemed to lose that order. As my Uncle rightly commented, my grandfather knew that if his relationship with God was right, the others would follow. It didn’t mean things would always be easy, in fact they weren’t, but knowing God was with him made it easier to endure. I hope to continue to learn from him, from his example and life. I couldn’t think of a better role model.

Thank you grandpa.

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