A Glimpse

I have talked before, and by before I mean a really long time ago, about how I think Heaven is not some ethereal place in the clouds. But rather, I think we are destined for a perfected form of creation. I take comfort in the words from Revelation, “Behold, I make all things new!” And every now and then I believe we get little glimpses into what that world will look like.

This weekend for instance, I had a great time with friends and family. Between games nights, a Fall Festival, lunch with my sis, and Breaking Bad finale parties, and everything else, I realized that this was a little glimpse. It is amazing to be surrounded by people who love me, and I love them. It is incredible to think that despite all the other crap that occurs in life, that I can count on them.

Sometimes it is easy to get down on things. Especially for me. A friend in high school nicknamed me Mr. Melancholy. But, when you see the little glimpses of a perfect world, where there is no worry, just joy, you need to hold onto them. You need to be thankful for them. They don’t come around all the time, and can be hard to perceive at other times. But ask yourself today, what glimpse of Heaven have I seen lately?

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